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  Change Management
My change management consultancy is underpinned by my extensive experience of managing and delivering real change in a range of organisations.

My change management consultancy offers:
• organisation development;
• organisation audit;
• change management framework;
• a systematic approach to leadership and management.

• working within an organisation to provide feedback of the current culture and its fitness for change;
• providing input and challenge on a transforming approach to working with change;
• knowing what can and cannot be changed, the choices and their cost;
• assisting those involved to understand the barriers to achieving change, and the dynamics of a change programme or activity.

Interventions can include workshops for leading staff, long-term change projects, and provision of leadership programmes.

My approach
My aim is to focus on specific individual or organisational issues, then to work with my client to find solutions. My consulting style is one of mutual openness in order to shape and access change, exploring what can realistically be done. I work with a wide range of experienced associates.

I bring:
• a deep understanding of the role and impact of the chief executive and senior management team role;
• an ability to interpret the organisation and understand what needs to be done, what can and can’t be pursued managerially or strategically;
• an ability to read the politics, to work with politicians and board members;
• an ability to navigate the complex relationships between managers and executives;
• a capacity to understand and facilitate the interface between executive managers, politicians, and board members.

As a chief executive I led major change programmes at the London Borough of Ealing, both culture change, and outsourcing a major department, and developing regeneration partnerships. Managing change at the Local Government Management Board included internal change and building new offices. We assisted authorities become fit for purpose by offering innovative change management packages and consultancy.

Clients past and present include:
Department of Health;
Birmingham City Council;
Bristol City Council;
London Local Government Employers Organisation;
National Care Standards Commission;
Braintree District Council.

Clients have said…
“Judith enabled us to establish a vision and clear objectives and a project plan for delivery”

“We have now achieved a shared agenda and are working across boundaries with key milestones in place”

“We have become more of a learning organisation and less of a blame culture”

Email me: info@huntdevelopment.co.uk for further information or to register your interest in my change management consultancy services.

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