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Action Learning
Today’s leading managers and professionals are required to push the frontiers of their experience and to develop ‘new intelligence’. Action Learning is a practice, which enables managers to develop themselves and their organisations. A group of five to eight people, working in related fields and at comparable levels of management responsibility, meet regularly with a facilitator for a contracted number of meetings with a view to solving problems and catalysing change. Action Learning has been used extensively in the private and public sector.

My approach
My approach is to work with top of the agenda issues that individuals bring to the action learning set. Participants present issues of challenge and current concern to themselves and, facilitated by me, the group helps the individual to find their own solutions. Participants find that thinking through a case presented by another member provides critical learning for themselves and for everyone else. It develops their capability for strategic thinking, challenges ‘conventional’ solutions and allows them to ‘rehearse’ new behaviours.

My action learning sets offer:
• the opportunity to learn from good practice elsewhere in the field, and develop new ideas for work situations;
• reflective time, which provides opportunity for personal learning and development and which may lead to solutions;
• a safe and confidential environment to explore strengths and weaknesses as a manager;
• support from peers who understand each other’s work, but have no vested interest in the outcome of each person’s work problems.

I offer cross sector and sector only opportunities for executives and senior managers, and women only action learning sets.

I was a participant in an action learning set for the seven years that I was a local authority chief executive and trained as a facilitator. I jointly established the cross sector Action Learning Sets with the NHS Leadership Centre. I completed training in group work at the Tavistock Centre.

Clients past and present include:
Department of Health, Leadership Centre;
NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency;
London Boroughs;
Metropolitan and District Councils;
County Councils;
Various Health Authorities;
Primary Care Trusts;
NHS Hospital Trusts.

Clients have said…
“This is the only group where I can discuss matters in depth, the confidentiality is crucial”

“I found the model worked well and was intellectually challenging, the facilitator was particularly skilled and sympathetic”

“Great value in being made to think through issues”

Email me: info@huntdevelopment.co.uk for further information or to register your interest in joining an action learning set.

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